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Use & Misuse of Water-filtered Tobacco Smoking Pipes in the World. Consequences for Public Health, Research & Research Ethics

  Use & Misuse of Water-filtered Tobacco Smoking Pipes in the World. Consequences for Public Health, Research & Research Ethics. The Open Medicinal Chemistry Journal 2015 (27 Feb) ; 9:1-12. Doi: 10.2174/1874104501509010001. PMID: 25861403 Abstract Background: The traditional definition of an “epidemic” has been revisited by antismoking researchers. After 400 years, Doctors would have realized […]

Malaysian Ban, Science & Ethics. Undeclared Religion-related Conflict of Interests in Two Biomedical Journals

Subject: Two articles authored by a “tobacco”control”” researcher (Sa’ed Zyoud) involved in a nationwide religious ban (“fatwa”) in Malaysia have been published in the Harm Reduction Journal and Tobacco Induced Diseases one (BioMed Central group). The author has never declared such a serious conflict of interest, therefore violating the so-called ethical code of conduct of […]

First Dead in Global Epidemic of Hookah Prohibition

Source: Brooklyn (Pix11), New York, USA. A man who was critically injured after a hookah lounge explosion has died, officials said [1]. Mohammad Saram, 22, suffered burns over 90 percent of his body, the New York Post reported. The man ran out into the street on fire Tuesday after chemicals he was using caused the […]

The Making of a Hookah Story “Only on CNN”. Revelations from behind the Scenes…

Issue: CNN and the planned global prohibition of smoking (and “vaping”). How the last hookah story on CNN by Chethan Sathya was prepared [1] On the 10th of January of this year, we were contacted by Cheythan Sathya from Canada, who said he was a so-called medical doctor “Fellow in Global Journalism”. This was apparently […]

Qatar & the US Host “Friends of Syria”‘s (*) International War Conference against the Middle East Peace Pipe

Qatar & the US Host “Friends of Syria”‘s (*) International War Conference against the Middle East Peace Pipe. Place: Doha (Qatar) from 25 to 27 Oct 2014. (*) ex-partners of Middle East beheaders… Subject: an important communiqué on some unknown aspects of the war on Syria. Keywords: US-Syrian “”research”” centre in Aleppo; NATO epidemiology; cover […]

Qatar, les “Amis de la Syrie” et les Etats-Unis d’Amérique organisent une conférence internationale de guerre contre le calumet de la paix oriental

Qatar, les “Amis de la Syrie” (récents ex-compagnons des coupeurs de tête au Moyen Orient…) et les Etats-Unis d’Amérique organisent une conférence internationale de guerre contre le calumet de la paix oriental à Doha du 25 au 27 oct. 2014… Objet: Communiqué important sur quelques aspects inconnus de la guerre contre la Syrie. Mots-clés: Centre […]

Whistle-Blower’s Private Postal Letter Opened, Scanned & Published by “Legacy Foundation” (UCSF)

I knew, particularly since Edward Snowden’s revelations, that all our private electronic communications (email, among others) are under mass surveillance by government agencies (NSA/CIA and other bodies) and involve mail services such as Gmail, YahooMail, Hotmail and AOL mail. I naively believed that POSTAL mail (i.e. PAPER correspondence) would remain sheltered from that totalitarian intrusion […]

The US-American University of Beirut & the US National Endowment for Democracy: a Comparison (Research Announcement)

Scope of planned research Respective rationales of both institutions, their agendas, priorities, funding sources (direct and, above all, indirect). The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)   According to William Blum, a famous analyst of US foreign policy [1]: “The National Endowment for Democracy, an agency created by the Reagan administration in 1983 to promote political […]

URGENT: Palestinians in Great Danger, New US-Canadian Study Reveals…

Researchers from Harvard (USA), Waterloo & Toronto (Canada) warn against the global situation in the Great Middle East, highlighting the “dangerous levels of particulate matter in smoking public venues in Lebanon, Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic and Tunisia”. Further to the visit of the “official” delegation to Gaza coffee houses, they concluded that Palestinians should immediately […]

Iran-US Front against the Middle East Peace Pipe. When World Renowned Epidemiologists Pathetically Back their Claims with Wikipedia “Encyclopaedia”…

(cont. title): “and when the leader (Paolo Boffetta)’s hypocritical plea for “epistemological modesty” is once again exposed… and where only “Fourth-Hand Smoke” remains unexplored…” For a few years now, a joint team of Iranian and US scientists has been actively participating in a global campaign against the Middle East Peace Pipe (MEPP). The initiative is […]

La cigarette électronique vue par le PLAGIAIRE en blouse blanche n°1 en France

Le plagiaire scientifique numéro un en France intervient dans le débat sur la cigarette électronique avec une comparaison stupide et mensongère avec la «chicha» Le plagiaire Bertrand Dautzenberg (preuve irréfutable du délit commis avec Jean-Yves Nau du journal Le Monde et les illustrations de “Charb” (“Charlie Hebdo” ICI) notoirement et financièrement lié aux intérêts de […]

Tunisian Revolutionary Doctors Find Middle East Peace Pipe Much Less Detrimental to Lungs than Cigarettes

In spite of widely prevalent censorship and editorial pressures of all sorts in that tobacco-related field of research and strong self-censorship -leading independent authors to downplay scientific results (i.e. negative results) viewed as not “politically-correct” and also refrain from citing blacklisted scientists (i.e. independent scientists)…. Against the backdrop of such a gloomy context, lung specialists […]

Polio False-Flag in Syria: “Opposition” Scholars at War against both the Syrian Government and the Middle East Peace Pipe (The Lancet)

Summary: Serious accusations targeting the Syrian government (for having discarded, on purpose, poliomyelitis vaccination campaigns in those areas occupied by the armed gangs) come from various sources: the doctors of the so-called “opposition” in the USA (Wasim MAZIAK, head of the US-“research” centre on tobacco in Aleppo, in particular); their “active” colleagues in Lebanon (mainly […]

Long-Lived Hoax about Middle East Peace Pipe (1 Hookah Equals 100 Cigarettes) Officially Abandoned

Historic quoteworthy statements: -“Smoking from a hookah during a typical 45-minute session is equivalent to smoking about 100 cigarettes, [Thomas] EISSENBERG said” (ABC News, 01 June 2011)[1]. -“Shisha 200 times worse than a cigarette” say Middle East experts [interview with Wasim MAZIAK and Alan SHIHADEH (Action on Smoking and Health, 27 March 2007 [2]. The […]

An Emirati Gazelle Tells You the “Truth” about the Hazards of the Middle East Peace Pipe (Hookah, Shisha, Narghile)

We usually comment on the pseudo-science to be found in academic journals or reports published by international “public health” agencies such as the WHO, for instance. We will make an exception today with a text authored by “Sam Ball” which appeared under title “Shisha: Truth behind Smokescreens” in “The Gazelle”, a student publication from the […]

A Pseudoscientific Stinking Consensus (Big «Tobacco Harm Reduction», Big Pharma, Big Tobacco) against the Middle East Peace Pipe

From a recent article published by Dr Brad Rodu on his own “blog” (amazingly titled “Tobacco Truth”….)[1], it is now clear that most new «Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR)» advocates (*), particularly those having received funding from the tobacco industry (dubbed Big Tobacco), have now jumped on the global anti- ««waterpipe»» (warcode name) wagon driven by the […]

Patched Up Pseudoscience & PLAGIARISM on Behalf of UK Researchers (Olivia Maynard et al.) in Big Pharma Supported Journal

“Plagiarism is globally recognised as a serious academic offence” (The Lancet) After one decade of tricks, scientific misconduct and corresponding mass-publishing and mass-advertising in the media, «tobacco «control»» researchers at war against the ««waterpipe»» (i.e. the Middle East Peace Pipe) are progressively abandoning, one by one, the myths and hoaxes which contributed to their fame […]

Open Letter to Wasim Maziak, Syrian Political Opponent and Head of the US-Syrian «Research» Centre in Aleppo (US-SCTS)

Source : Lettre ouverte à Wasim Maziak, opposant politique syrien et directeur du centre « de recherche » USA-Syrie à Alep (US-SCTS) [Open Letter to Wasim Maziak, Syrian Political Opponent and Head of the US-Syrian «Research» Centre in Aleppo (US-SCTS)]. Par Kamal Chaouachi, 7 septembre 2013 Abstract in English : US-Syrian political opponent Wasim Maziak, heads a so-called […]

First Prohibitionist International Conference on ««Waterpipe»» (Emirates, 20-23 Oct 2013)

First Prohibitionist International Conference on ««Waterpipe»» (Emirates, 20-23 Oct 2013). To Celebrate One Decade of Big Pharma Pseudo-Science on the Middle East Peace Pipe ««Waterpipe»» antismoking experts of the world (by coincidence, the authors of the WHO flawed report on the issue)[1], funded, directly or indirectly, by the great names of the pharmaceutical industry (nicotine […]