Qatar & the US Host “Friends of Syria”‘s (*) International War Conference against the Middle East Peace Pipe

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Qatar & the US Host “Friends of Syria”‘s (*) International War Conference against the Middle East Peace Pipe. Place: Doha (Qatar) from 25 to 27 Oct 2014.

(*) ex-partners of Middle East beheaders…

Subject: an important communiqué on some unknown aspects of the war on Syria.

Keywords: US-Syrian “”research”” centre in Aleppo; NATO epidemiology; cover actions in Syria; pseudo-science; biomedical orientalism; society and culture of the daily life in the Middle East

Warning: if, after reading this communiqué, you still think the matter is only one of “public health” related to tobacco use, then you might be wrong. Please feel free to contact the author.

us_scts_teamThe US-Syrian “”research”” centre in Aleppo (US-SCTS) is the only organisation funded by the US which is still present and active on the Syrian ground. It is actually managed from Florida (USA) by US-Syrian so-called “political opponent” Wasim Maziak and, chiefly, Thomas Eissenberg (see Open Letter to the former individual, published last year)[1].

The US and Qatari “sponsors” of the US-SCTS convene on 25-27 October 2014 an international conference in Qatar. The objective is to mobilise financial and human resources against a virus supposed to represent a “global threat” (sic) to global “public health” and whose “global epidemic” (sic) would need an “urgent response” (sic) based on “global [NATO] epidemiology” (sic – see below)…

The first and previous version of such a festival of pseudo-science was funded and hosted last year by the US and the Emirates. Please consider below the list of the organising and funding ($ millions) committees on which no comment -as far as their nationality, ideological diversity or imperial(ist) nature is concerned- seems necessary:

-US-Qatar Hamad Medical Corporation: Tobacco Control unit

-US-Qatar Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar

-US-American University of Beirut Tobacco Control Research Group, (AUB TCRG)

US Florida International University

-US New York University at Abu Dhabi Public Health Research Center (PHRC)

-US Virginia Commonwealth University Center for the Study of Tobacco Products

Let us just point out here that the US-AUB (American University of Beirut) plays more or less the same role as the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), a key element within the global surveillance system, as William Blum pointed out, here in the field of public health related to the Arab world (false-flag alerts on viruses, fake “epidemics”, etc.).


1-Further to our critiques published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, the conference, this year, is supposed to avoid a red-handed approach and thus not focus exclusively on the MEPP. However, one may appreciate the blatant lie (and the obsession standing behind) through the programme itself which shows that the conference is entirely dedicated to (pseudo-scientific) “studies” on the Middle East Peace Pipe.

DamasQasrAdhm23k2-From the USA where he is based, Wasim Maziak has, in vain, been hoping, that the Syrian government (he abhors – this is his right and not the problem here) would quickly collapse thanks to the masterminded revolts in the Arab world. He and a group of anti-Syrian colleagues have notably published (in the English-language biomedical press) an article on the “”Arab Spring””.

This paper immediately drew our attention because, amazingly, and among other notorious lies, it plays down the death toll caused by the US invasion of Iraq by a factor of up to 12 [2]… The document even cites (as if it were a bona fide scientific source) a letter by Anders Rasmussen, Secretary-general of NATO, on the very “”Arab Spring”” (see Open Letter)[1].

For years, and for personal financial reasons, Maziak has actually been selling to the world, particularly through the WHO (World Health Organisation)[3], a purported “global threat” (sic) posed by a so-called “global epidemic” (sic) of the Middle East Peace Pipe. What qualifies for a rare huge scientific fraud from the onset is that it would have taken some 400 years at least for doctors around the world to realise that an ancient cultural daily practice of Asian and African societies would have suddenly become an “epidemic”… This amounts to redefining the very notion of an “epidemic”…

3-Most recently, and as a renewed “scientific” “contribution” to the global war against Syria, Maziak and his colleagues (all experts in mixing all sorts of fears) went so far as accusing the Syrian government of having discarded, on purpose, poliomyelitis vaccination campaigns for children in those areas occupied by the armed gangs (i.e., the so-called “opposition” portrayed for years as “freedom” and “democracy” fighters…). This took the form of a series of pseudo-scientific papers published in the British medical journal The Lancet [4].

Kamal Chaouachi

Image: Museum of traditional and popular arts (Qasr Al-‘Azm, Damascus, Syria)



[1] Open Letter to Wasim Maziak, Syrian Political Opponent and Head of the US-Syrian «Research» Centre in Aleppo (US-SCTS) [Lettre ouverte à Wasim Maziak, opposant politique syrien et directeur du centre « de recherche » USA-Syrie à Alep (US-SCTS)]. Tunisie-Secret, 7 Sep 2013. (English) (Français)

[2] Adam Coutts, David Stuckler, Rajaie Batniji, Sharif Ismail, Wasim Maziak, Martin McKee. The Arab Spring and health: two years on. Int J Health Serv. 2013;43(1):49-60.

[3] A Critique of the WHO’s TobReg “Advisory Note” entitled: “Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking: Health Effects, Research Needs and Recommended Actions by Regulators. Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine 2006 (17 Nov); 5:17. Doi:10.1186/1477-5751-5-17

[4] “The Lancet”: another front in NATO’s psychological warfare against Syria. 7 Feb 2014

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