First Dead in Global Epidemic of Hookah Prohibition

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Brooklyn_2deadSource: Brooklyn (Pix11), New York, USA.

A man who was critically injured after a hookah lounge explosion has died, officials said [1].

Mohammad Saram, 22, suffered burns over 90 percent of his body, the New York Post reported. The man ran out into the street on fire Tuesday after chemicals he was using caused the fire.

Officials reported to the scene at McDonald Avenue in Borough Park just after 2 p.m. The flames were extinguished and Saram was rushed to Maimonides Hospital in critical condition with second- and third-degree burns over most of his body.

A 5-galloon container filled with an unknown substance was found in the basement of the building. The Post reports the chemicals were used to make flavored tobacco for hookahs.

Sources told the newspaper that the fire may have been caused due to poor ventilation in the basement.

Our comment:

Because of the planned (in the short or medium term) world prohibition of the Middle East Peace Pipe (Hookah, Shisha, Narghile) in the name of the so-called FCTC (Framework Convention for “Tobacco “Control””) and “Regulation”, the poor man could not decently find ready to use “shisha” (that is Moassel, the tobacco/molasses mixture for the Oriental pipe) so he felt compelled to prepare it himself in the basement of his lounge [2].

Mohammad Saram, 22, is therefore the first martyr of the global war launched by Wasim Maziak, Thomas Eissenberg and Alan Shihadeh (from the US-Syrian Anti-“”Waterpipe”” Centre and US-University of Beirut Anti-“”Waterpipe”” Centre, respectively) against the Middle East Peace Pipe [3].

For information, these three individuals are authors of the WHO flawed report prepared one decade ago for the same objective. However, the latter was delayed because of the existence of a solid critique of its pseudoscientific basis [4].

In an ideal world where justice prevails, such people should be made accountable (in this international court for instance) and sued- not only for the death of this poor man and others to come, but also for their countless deeds based on public pseudoscientific statements [5].


[1] Pamela Ng. Man dead after hookah lounge explosion in Brooklyn. Oct 22, 2014.

[2] Allison Kaden. 13 hookah lounges in danger of closing after undercover probe by Health Department. January 7, 2015.

[3] Qatar & US Host Friends of Syria’s International War Conference against the Middle East Peace Pipe (Doha, 25-27 Oct 2014). 17 Oct 2014.

[4] A Critique of the WHO’s TobReg “Advisory Note” entitled: “Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking: Health Effects, Research Needs and Recommended Actions by Regulators. Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine 2006 (17 Nov); 5:17. Doi:10.1186/1477-5751-5-17 

[5] Prohibition Through the Hookah Looking Glass. Speech delivered at the second world conference of TICAP (The Tobacco International Coalition Against Prohibition)(Theme: “Are Guests Welcome? Prohibition and the Hospitality Industry”). 15 Mar 2010. Nieuwspoort; The Hague, The Netherlands.


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